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Our Team


APIPIA’s team is a family. One diverse, and multidisciplinary team. It all starts with our industrial designers and graphic designers, but the collection could only be so successful with all the people in our team giving 100% commitment like our project manager, sales-reps, exclusive showroom partners and all other individuals helping us to be that brand to be proud of. Making excellent projects and products simply satisfies us and keeps us going.

 Creative Leader


Steven Wang is an industrial and furnishings designer based in Taiwan. He is the Founder of the innovative Apipia Design Co., Ltd., which includes Furniture, Home Accessories. His inventive, balanced, harmonious designs utilize contrasting textures, clean lines, rich marble, and sumptuous materials. His work is celebrated not only for its refined aesthetics, but also for its global worldview.
Born in Taiwan, Steven moved to the United States to study industrial design at San Francisco Academy of art University. Following graduation, a prestigious interior and design firm in SF recruited him. And, He launched his own design company at age twenty-eight. Steven has received numerous awards, including red dot, IDEA, Interior Design Best of the Best etc., and his designs have been published in leading publications.

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