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Our Heritage


The scenic beauty of Orchid Island deeply moved our Creative Director in a way that beyond words and inspired him to create APIPIA. This island of amazements and extremes is a place where nature creates true beauty, and is the best origin and inspiration for true authentic home furnishing. In our design lab, our designers explore the treasures and secrets of nature to create the best esthetic and marvelous home furniturings products. We combine golden ratio with proportion, posture and significant textures that you can see with your eyes, feel with your hands and experience with your heart.


Our Philosophy


“ A P I P I A ”, within a simply beautiful meaning " Purity Aesthetics." Our products are inspired by the natural beauty of the landscape and the purity and authenticity of the way of life. We reveal a lifestyle exploration that blends art, culture, design and craftsmanship with global inspirations. And the core value behind APIPIA is to offer aesthetically and functionally durable products that bring enjoyment and pleasure to everyday life for many people.

Our Vision


Great Beauty of The Universe & Metaphysical and Origin Beauty. 

Through the observation of mother nature, comprehend and pursue the nature of beauty, and implement it in our day-to-day lives.

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