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GuGuLung , a local farm restaurant , the owner still cultivate the same land today, with care and dedication, using traditional artisanal methods and growing their grains in harmony with the seasons.

Making authentic, great tasting millet pizza is at the heart of GuGulung’s mission to make eating healthy bunun Italian pizza the very best possible experience. Our ambition, then, was simple: create a vibrant, cultural brand that stands apart from the more conservative and conventional approaches to local packaging.

apipia design_work-18.jpg

Our big idea was to rewrite the brand identity and use bold lines, patterns and colours in a way that truly stands out. Our brand identity design are taken directly from the fairy and deinagkistrodon acutus design of Bunun’s spirit, to which we added modern geometrical bunun’s patterns reflecting Gugulung’s culture roots and the high quality of their millet and food.

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