Pin Jun Jia Co., Ltd.


We designed a clean, recognizable brand marque with flowing organic shape that represents the beauty of tea and the taste, aroma, density, color, leaf shape as well as being a subtle link to the brand principle- serving excellent quality tea to the clients. We kept to a palette of deep green, lake green and pale rose pink reflect the identity logo as well as teashop's interiors and we’ve also transformed the distinctive brand’s colours and identity logo into a variety of branded products in the form of menu, teacup and shopping bags.


Giving new meaning to Pin Jun Jia’s brand equities, we established a fresh visual language by creating the brand’s identity structure, labelling, primary and secondary packaging. We create the organic shape of the brand identity logo, refining its profile with more elegant and definitive meaningful identity. A clearly defined brand identity printed on the cup surface, with the iconic logo proudly elevated in its centre. This establishes a consistent and ownable thread to unify the entire Pin Jun Jia brand and reinforces the meaning behind the brand name.

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